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Project Description

YOGA SEARCHER – made by Yogis for Yogis

Marque de yoga éco-responsable

Project Description

YOGA SEARCHER was born between land and sea - in French California, just a few minutes away from Hossegor, the famous surf spot on the French Atlantic coast. There, Bénédicte Peroz, a yoga teacher, and François Payot, one of the founders of Rip Curl, transformed a farm into a yoga retreat centre. His daughter Dune Payot then decided to design a sustainable yoga collection, which she launched in 2014 together with the YOGA SEARCHER team: leggings, pants, bras, tops, shirts, kimonos made of natural and innovative materials that ensure well-being on and off the mat. Conscious, comfortable clothing that brings the yoga spirit into everyday life. Today another retreat centre in Bali, concept stores and accessories such as yoga mats, blocks, straps, cushions and rolls belong to the company. The YOGA SEARCHER Spring | Summer 2022 collection invites you into a world full of harmony, lightness and countless possibilities for self-development. The fresh colour palette includes soft pastel shades such as peach-beige, light blue and delicate lilac as well as energetic wasabi and opal tones. Seamless bodysuits and shorts adapt perfectly to the body of the wearer. Tie-dye patterns and large-scale floral prints reflect trend sensitivity. Don’t worry, be Yogi!