We are Sweet Communication. And we believe that Sustainability is the standard.

For over 15 years we have represented Eco brands, and helped traditional brands on their journey towards sustainable strategies. We have a deep knowledge and enthusiasm for how responsibility can be a powerful force in business – driving growth within, and excitement around a brand.

Early in the game, Baba and Yvonn recognised the importance of sustainability and made it the brand essence of Sweet Communication. For us, this is more than a marketing trend. We are passionate believers that each and every one of us – brands included – must do our part to protect our earth and its remaining resources. Over more then 10 years we have developed a deep knowledge of sustainability certificates, wording, innovations, and developments in the field. Our creative consulting encompasses sustainable communication skills, channels, measures and environmental challenges.

Along with Baba and Yvonn’s longterm expertise in the field of CSR, our team is made up of sustainability-believers, who are personally passionate about social and environmental issues. Together with a strong network of specialist editors, activists, and influencers, we are uniquely positioned to drive change within organisations.