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Project Description


The revolutionary process of doing absolutely nothing.

Project Description

With the slogan “The revolutionary process of doing absolutely nothing”, ARMEDANGELS launches the new UNDYED capsule collection: casual styles that come completely without dyeing processes. After the fair fashion pioneer banned toxic chemicals from the dyeing process from the beginning, UNDYED takes innovation to a new level and presents a unique look: Small black dots are characteristic for the undyed organic cotton and make each piece unique. In addition to shirts and sweats, UNDYED is also available as denim styles with 10% re-used cotton. The ARMEDANGELS capsule meets the highest sustainability standards, because while most of the energy consumption is usually caused by the dyeing process, UNDYED also saves a massive amount of water and chemicals. UNDYED is an innovative, unconventional way to achieve zero water impact from dyeing and reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. All by simply not dyeing clothes.