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Project Description

Now available: MINE 77


Project Description

After unveiling Mine77 in the United States in 2018, Jake Burton Carpenter’s signature collection of outwear, apparel, bags, accessories and snowboard hardgoods is finally coming to Europe. Starting November, 16th the first drop of this year’s Mine77 collection will be available online only on, shipping to various European countries. In January, a second drop of the collection will be released.

Since Jake’s passing in November of 2019, his youngest son Timi Carpenter took over the creation and testing of the line, continuing his dad’s legacy. “My dad had the most attention to detail, he was very involved in the process and immersed himself in the product. I’m trying to follow in his footsteps as much as I can.”
This year’s Mine77 collection features a very special Tupac collaboration, since Jake was an avid rap fan and Tupac was one of his favorite artists. In honor of this collaboration, Burton will be making a donation to A Place Called Home. Founded in 1993, A Place Called Home provides a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education, and wellness for the young people in South Central Los Angeles to help them improve their economic conditions and develop healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. Tupac played a role in the founding of this organization and was among other musicians who helped found their recording studio where members learn to edit and create their own music to this day.