Cheers to all rebels!2022-02-23T10:49:28+01:00






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Project Description

Cheers to all rebels!


Project Description

Loud, flashy, rebellious - etnies presents its unprecedented shrill capsule Summer collection: REBEL SPORTS. The collection honors the skate culture that emerged in the 80s and celebrates this wild and creative era. „etnies was born out of the rebellious skateboarding culture of the 80’s - the counter culture of mainstream, anti-establishment and youth gone wild - etnies is a tribe, a crew, a family who live their life exploring, creating, skateboarding and living life to the fullest. The REBEL SPORTS collection takes us back to the rebellious 80’s, where we all challenged the status quo, blasted through obstacles and opened up creative freedom to be ourselves despite objections from “authority”. Cheers to all the rebels, the trouble makers and the ones that see things differently…this collection is for you.” Pierre André Senizergues, etnies Owner/CEO