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Project Description

Diagonal Collection

Leisure in an urban style.

Project Description

The time has come to change the meaning of “well dressed” and challenge the fashion industry. Today, trends or the nod from top stylists can no longer be regarded as the markers of style. NAGO proves once again that it’s possible to create a comfortable, timeless wardrobe for any occasion. With another collection, the fair fashion brand underlines its sustainable approach to design. The latest designs are made of diagonal, an innovative material that is an ecological response to classic denim. This is the beginning of a real revolution. NAGO´s garments are environmentally-friendly, produced in a conscious, sustainable way. The brand optimize the use of raw materials, the entire production process behind their collections is strictly controlled and complies with the principles of fair trade. NAGO chooses solutions that minimize environmental harm, simultaneously trying to maximise our customers’ comfort by creating the best wear they possibly can. And it’s all available online.