Welkom Kings Of Indigo: Sustainable Denim from the Netherlands2023-03-29T15:42:51+02:00




Kings Of Indigo


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Project Description

Welkom Kings Of Indigo: Sustainable Denim from the Netherlands

Pioneering Sustainability from Day One.

Project Description

You can never have enough of a good pair of jeans, can you? Kings Of Indigo, a PETA-certified and vegan brand, has been at the forefront of sustainable denim since its inception in 2011. To ensure that they meet their sustainability goals and continuously improve, Kings Of Indigo follows a 360° approach that guarantees transparency. They use eco-friendly dyes, fully recycled fabrics, waterless washes, and biodegradable stretch denim to minimize their environmental impact. Kings Of Indigo has taken a pioneering role in sustainability, which is why we are thrilled to welcome this Dutch denim expert to our portfolio.