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Project Description


All the happiness in a kit!

Project Description

In 2011, the founders Maria José Marín and Alberto Bravo had the idea of combining modern designs with the artistry of an old craft and to set a "do it yourself" trend with the tradition of knitting. By now, the Spanish company has become an international source for knitting sets, yarn and accessories and is characterized by an active online community of knitting and DIY enthusiasts. All WE ARE KNITTERS yarns are made of natural fibers: sheep wool, baby alpaca, merino wool and pima cotton - 100% natural fibers from Peru. Quality and responsible use of resources are at the forefront of the brand, so the company ensures that all processes are environmentally friendly: the handmade knitting and crocheting needles are made of 100% beech wood; the wool and cotton are 100% natural and the textile yarn is made of recycled fabrics.

"Find your favorite set to suit your knitting level" - there is a choice for beginners to advanced level. The webshop offers a wide range of products to be knitted: a cuddly sweater, a warm cardigan, a coarsely knitted wool blanket or with the softest and most delicate yarns caps, blankets, vests and cardigans for babies - WE ARE KNITTERS puts together the whole knitting set including wooden knitting needles, knitting needles, wool and the knitting instructions and ships in a recycled and reusable paper package. Become part of the community!