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Project Description

Welcome, KARI TRAA!


Project Description

Out of her love for skiing, the Norwegian Olympic ski champion Kari Traa founded the brand in 2006 with the aim to create functional and comfortable ski- and sportswear for women. KARI TRAA includes a wide range of products from lightweight baselayers to warm mid -and top layers and makes sure to provide sporty women with everything they need for their outdoor activities. The company places special attention on quality and functionality, using only the best materials and technologies to ensure that its products meet the demands of its female customers. With an eye on details and Norway’s heritage, the outdoor brand loves to offer everything modern women of all ages need for their outdoor adventures – regardless of body shapes and physical conditions.
Today, KARI TRAA products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide and continue to represent the values for which they became known. For this, the company works with brand ambassadors who strive to inspire girls to a happier, healthier and stronger lifestyle. Sustainability is also one of KARI TRAA’s key principles: All products are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Manufacturing methods, materials and packaging are carefully selected to reduce the negative impact on nature, which is close to the hearts of sports lovers around the world .