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Project Description

We welcome: TURTLEBOX

Change for the better.

Project Description

Sweet Communication has started its collaboration with the smart and sustainable company TURTLEBOX: A simple idea, with meaningful impact! TURTLEBOX is a Munich-based company that has set itself the task of making the conventional moving process – for businesses and private households-   more convenient, cheaper and above all, more sustainable. Through the environmentally friendly reusable box-system; outdated moving boxes are replaced by durable, recycled and recyclable plastic boxes. The boxes are made available to customers on a rental basis. Each TURTLEBOX saves up to 87% CO2compared to conventional moving boxes, making the move particularly climate-friendly. In addition,  the TURTLEBOXES are much more practical than moving boxes, due to their extremely high-quality construction. They have a load capacity of 70 kg, are splash-proof, are tear-proof, have comfortable recessed grips and can be stacked perfectly on top of each other, thanks to their special design. Thus, your treasures remain optimally protected and arrive safely in their new home.