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Project Description


PROTEST is on an exciting journey – a journey to Green Up.

Project Description

The sportswear brand Protest has challenged their team riders to think about what they can do for the habitats they love and how to raise awareness around the human impact on this earth. Protest has chosen the top 3 ideas and followed these athletes on their adventures in Greening Up. What is Green Up? It’s Protest’s mission, a journey towards sustainability. This journey has been broken down into blocks to makes the goal attainable. Each block is a steppingstone on the path to sustainability. One of these blocks is creating awareness through Protest´s own reach and that is what this project is about: it’s about doing whatever you can with what you have. The athletes’ ideas are varied and each idea focuses on a part of the earth that means something special to the athlete, as well as fusing this idea with sport. The three projects are those of Dutch kite surfer Roderick Pijls, the Swiss skiers Andri and Gian Ragettli as well as snowboarder Camille Armand and skier Enzo Scotto. Details about each project can be found on the website. As another step towards sustainability Protest has set the ambitious goal of replacing all PFCs with eco-friendly alternatives by the year 2022. After some research the company found a replacement to PFC, which also offers water resistance and breathability.