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Project Description


ARMEDANGELS produces sustainable facemasks within the Covid-19 crisis. The goal is to donate 1 Million Euros to Doctors without Borders

Project Description

Within the course of the Covid-19 crisis, ARMEDANGELS got into production of reusable, four-layered and washable facemasks, that are manufactured in Portugal. The customer is able to choose between three slogans or a plain facemask. The slogans represent the ARMEDANGELS-typical bold statements for example Protect each other and I warmly smile under this mask. But they do not only protect the person, that the carrier of the facemask is meeting, they are also connected to a good cause: for every sold mask, ARMEDANGELS donates 2€ to Doctors without Borders to support the great work of those who help at the forefront - exactly where the virus strikes the worst. The ambitious goal is to collect 1 Million Euros - click here for the current status. The facemasks are manufactured from Fairtrade Organic Cotton and to the highest non-medical standard without using any kind of harmful chemicals.