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Project Description

Tailored For Her

Norrøna’s Ambassadors: Inspiring Power Women in Diverse Fields

Project Description

The Norwegian outdoor specialist Norrøna counts an impressive international group of power women within its ambassador team, serving as a source of inspiration across diverse disciplines. Among them are skier Martina Müller, ice climbers Tanja Schmitt and Heike Schmitt, mountain biker Kathi Kuypers and skier Minna Riihimaki. Despite facing individual athletic challenges, these exceptional women remain resolute in their devotion - determined and striving for triumph – which is a big reason for their selection as Norrøna Ambassadors.
With sports disciplines ranging from skiing to ice climbing and mountain biking, these athletes embody Norrøna's deep connection with the outdoors. Their ability to overcome personal hurdles while nurturing a great passion for sports mirrors their strenghts, which makes them a genuine inspiration. A very special role these women undertake is the one as Norrøna’s product testers. With their expertise and years of experience in their respective fields, they contribute invaluable insights for the progression and quality assurance of Norrøna products. Their rigorous, real-world utilization of these products over extended periods gives a unique perspectives for product refinement.