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Motel a Miio


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Project Description

Schnörkelei mit Ju Schnee

Limited Edition Collaboration: Motel a Miio x Ju Schnee

Project Description

Dreamy, energetic and loud: Motel a Miio and visual artist Ju Schnee offer us an escape into a playful world full of abstract shapes and colours. The young, imaginative artist always works in an abstract manner and combines her typical shapes with various media outlets: “I am in love with shapes, colours and textures. For me, telling a story by only using abstract elements and special textures is magical. But the most important thing for me is to spread joy. Without joy, my work means nothing”. The newest addition to her repertoire of artistic output is Ju’s first pottery line togethith Motel a Miio. The limited edition of colourful vases and candle holders drops on October 15th. Not only the extravagant design is what makes this pottery collection so special, but the whole proceeds of the candle holders are also being donated. 📸 @Svenja Trierscheid