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Viking Footwear


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Project Description

Please welcome Viking Footwear at Sweet Communication!

Inspiring outdoor adventures since 1920.

Project Description

We are thrilled to introduce you to the Norwegian outdoor footwear pioneer VIKING that has been providing generations of adventure seekers with the highest quality shoes for all weather conditions for over a century. Born from the innovation of lightweight rubber boots, their most iconic models stand as Norwegian staple pieces to this day. VIKING has dedicated itself to creating a world where everyone can be an explorer, thereby enabling an active outdoor lifestyle. This commitment extends beyond passionate outdoor enthusiasts and modern city explorers; it also caters specifically to the youngest generation of nature lovers. With a wide range of children’s shoes designed to meet the unique needs of growing feet, the outdoor footwear pioneer is a trusted companion for kids and parents alike. Strong partnerships with high-quality gear manufacturers such as Gore-Tex Brand or BOA ensure the highest quality, comfort and functionality across the wide range of products. The company cares about its impact on the environment and about preserving nature for all generations to come. This is also why VIKING takes a transparent, goal-oriented approach to environmental consciousness and is taking meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future. This includes the use recyclable materials and a focus on longevity for every product. Every VIKING piece is made to stand the test of time and to last as long as possible, for example by an easy-to-repair approach especially within the children’s collections. No matter who, where or when: with Viking Footwear, everyone can be an adventurer.