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Project Description


Exploring ways to get more people to experience the outdoors led Peak Performance to handpick visionary founder of luxury brand Byredo, Ben Gorham

Project Description

The SS20 unisex outdoor collection Possessions of my Soul was developed in cooperation with the Byredo founder Ben Gorham. Apart from his well-known fragrances, which pursues the Scandinavian minimalism, the Swede is well known for his passion to nature. A long hike in Riksgränsen, Sweden, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, inspired to the collection and its functionality. It represents the environment and conditions the garments are designed to handle – 2 degrees below zero with heavy rain and wind that quickly changes to blue skies, sun and 15 degrees.

The collection is designed to cover all the elements that give people the confidence and security to deal with the uncontrollable forces of nature - the landscape and the everchanging weather conditions. The pieces are multi-purpose, unisex and well-made, crafted from technical fabrics and pure merino wools with incredible capabilities. Packability and lightweight are key aspects. All garments pack into their own pocket. The colors and tones reflect the many shades of greys from rock formations and mountains in Riksgränsen.

Peak Performance and Ben Gorham hope that their collaboration will encourage people to spend more time outdoors, people from completely different references both esthetically and culturally. The goal is to make it less complicated to know what to wear and make people feel confident and safe. A respect for nature and the environment has been a natural starting-point in every choice made throughout the design process. Decisions regarding materials and how the garments were cut and dyed are all made with sustainability in mind. It is a natural way of working for Peak Performance.