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Design, PR, Sustainability

Project Description


For the first-ever launch of an O’Neill Blue Capsule collection, O`Neill collaborated with designer and Creative Director, Kimberley Jenneskens. The Blue capsule collection is inspired by the plastic pollution problem that our oceans are facing.

Project Description

The O’Neill Blue collection is a movement towards environmental responsibility. O’Neill is committed to blue through the use of sustainable materials that protect our oceans. In 1952 Jack invented the wetsuit, because he just wanted to surf longer. That passion inextricably connects O’Neill to water. As a brand created to enjoy nature, O’Neill sees it as their responsibility to actively protect it and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable word. In 1966 Jack O’Neill created the sea odyssey to educate students on the importance of the relationship between the living sea and the environment. Even today, the core of our company; our oceans feel the impact of a wave of plastic. O’Neill has a mission to protect them, so that future generations can experience that same inexplicable feeling we have when we enjoy nature. Join O’Neill in protecting our playground.