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Project Description

It´s tree time

Tree by tree – one after another

Project Description

Fashion for Trees: The Swiss eco fashion brand NIKIN produces sustainable streetwear and has a tree planted for every product sold. The mission of both founders Nicholas & Robin is to support global reforestation and make the world greener (again). The collection, which bears the name „Tree Wear“, already has the good in it: it is innovative, consists largely of organic cotton, bamboo and recycled materials and is produced in an environmentally friendly and fair way. Shirts, hoodies, pants, caps, accessories – almost all NIKIN pieces are made in Europe. Since 2019 the company is GOTS-certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard defines environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain and guarantees social working conditions. Style with Benefits – even in the remotest forests of North and South America, Asia and Africa.
„Tree by tree“ – one tree after another. In the meantime, over half a million trees are sprouting on our planet through the Tree Planting Initiative of the Swiss label. The stocky superheroes clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. To counter deforestation and climate change, the brand works together with One Tree Planted: The non-profit organization from the USA realizes reforestation projects all over the world. The trees are planted where they previously disappeared – either because they were felled for the timber industry, had to make way for agriculture or were affected by forest fires and droughts. NIKIN – it´s tree time!