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Project Description

Introducing ARMEDANGELS Underwear

Made from sustainably sourced wood.
Soft. Breathable. Feels like nothing on your skin.
Perfect for movements.

Project Description

Why compromise? With the new ARMEDANGELS Underwear you will not have to choose between sophistication, comfort or sustainability. ARMEDANGELS Underwear is probably the softest, lightest, non-tightest underwear which ever came across and feels like nothing on your skin. It’s is made from TENCEL™ Modal, a biodegradable fiber since it originates from wood, coming from certified sustainable forestry. ARMEDANGELS’ partner Lenzing uses only self-generated energy and the production is done with approved ecochemistry. Nothing but clean and recycled water, used for cooling – a fully closed process. For the launch of the campaign ARMEDANGELS showcase their product’s features with dancers working from home – something that has become a weird reality in this strange time. The campaign was produced in Sweden fully remote by Open Studio Stockholm with the respective hygienic precautions.