Auriey levels up to calm down2022-12-07T15:34:29+01:00






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Project Description

Auriey levels up to calm down

The Munich-based company sells aesthetic accessories for cannabis users. A new law could help the founders achieve a breakthrough.

Project Description

Whoever still thinks of their grimy shared flat from their university days when talking/thinking about cannabis, has not yet heard of AURIEY! The two co-founders Philipp von Frankenberg and Anna Grafe-Busch have founded their start-up to revolutionize smokers’ equipment for the European market with contemporary, high-quality products that make the moderate consumption of one of the oldest healing plants even more enjoyable. And more importantly: making them presentable for family and friends! With AURIEY one can find pipes that look like little objects straight from high-class designer magazines, ashtrays seeming more like modern jewellery trays and papers that match every outfit ranging from leopard print to a dainty flower look. Especially because of but not limited to the recent paper formulated by the German government to legalize cannabis, Anna and Philipp are the pioneers paving the way for an upcoming market regarding all-things-green and the consumption thereof. By that, they are aiming to destigmatize the consumption of cannabis and CBD – a habit that is already an integral part of our community, also by high-achieving businesspeople and loving parents. So, why should we only bring out wine glasses and cocktail shakers next time we host guests, when we could also offer them one of the unique AURIEY pieces to enjoy during the evening?