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Project Description


“Why do I date everything I do? Because it’s not enough to know an artist’s work, you also have to know how and under what circumstances she/he created it.” Picasso, December 1943

Project Description

Like the consequences of the coronavirus itself, the effects of a world of disease and closure on individual artists and galleries are manifold. Memorable works are already being created that inevitably bear witness to this moment without describing it. The isolation, the deceleration, the fear – we are now confronted with all these things and must learn to adapt. But not only companies and society, but also the world of art is changing. While the global players have long been able to score with podcasts and online visits, small and medium-sized galleries have to reorient themselves. But what initially appears to be a challenge can also offer a great opportunity: The digital “Viewing Rooms” at Art Basel, which replaced the fair in Hong Kong in March, received such a strong rush that even the website crashed. 155,000 more visitors than last year. Elementary things like time and place no longer play a major role in digital conversions – the world has shrunk to the size of a screen.

Works of art are not just decorative elements for our own four walls or investments – they are associated with memories, emotions or simply with pleasure. Segurio – the online insurance solution that’s high on performance and low on bureaucracy – enables the insurance of individual favourite pieces. To insure them individually was not possible until now. A conventional household insurance usually only covers a part of the contents, but often no theft outside the house, damage or simple loss. SEGURIO can do all this! With SEGURIO, the customer takes out his individual insurance himself, directly online. Fast, simple, clearly arranged.