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Project Description


Trash or Treasure – it’s up to us

Project Description

We track the origin of our cotton, purchase single estate coffee, and know the winemakers we trust by name. So why are most of us so uninformed when it comes to the origin of the dyes used in our clothing? ARMEDANGELS creates new dyes from 100% natural plant and herbal waste. For example, beet becomes a bolersuit and saw palmetto becomes a t-shirt. DYED BY NATURE goes into the next round and literally puts nature in the spotlight. Eco meets urban swag, as DYED BY NATURE is the ideal collection for the new generation of eco-warriors. The jersey and sweat categories are expanded to include knit, woven and denim. The earthy tones set the mood for the Indian summer. By using GOTS approved bio-synthetic dyes, less residue of hazardous dyes ends up in the waste water. Compared to conventional methods, the dyeing process with natural dyes from plants and bioresidues requires less energy and water than the dyeing process with conventional dyes. The innovative, bio-synthetic dyes Earthcolors¬ģ by Archroma are based on plant and herbal waste such as beet and saw palmetto; ARMEDANGELS also relies on full waste management. With the upcycling principle of products from other industries, an important step towards circularity is made. Trash or Treasure – it’s up to us.