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Project Description

ARMEDANGELS is climate neutral!

Emission-free? Not yet.
Climate Neutral? Definitely!

Project Description

ARMEDANGELS is focusing in particular on the interplay between Winter essentials and the year-round range in the upcoming winter season. In order to emphasize the timelessness and durability of the products, the combination of different styles comes to the fore. Therefore, the existing assortment modules in particular are worked out and reinterpreted again and again. In addition, ARMEDANGELS sets the standard for sustainable materials with organic cotton, flowing Tencel and a unique cotton/wool blend. Extended knitting competence is shown to advantage in the entire product range. Generous patterns such as jacquards and stripes are playfully combined with different structures and sophisticated details.

ARMEDANGELS is climate neutral! The textile industry generates 1.2 trillion tons of CO2 annually - more than international flights and cruises combined. This is madness! ARMEDANGELS works daily to change this situation. We can only do this if we do better with our CO2 balance than other fashion companies - and ARMEDANGELS does. With its CO2 emissions, the company is approximately ⅔ lower in CO2 intensity than classic fashion companies. The unavoidable CO2 emissions are efficiently compensated through ClimatePartner. Therefore, our next milestone is now achieved: ARMEDANGELS is climate neutral – even retroactively for 2019!