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Project Description

1 million trees planted

NIKIN reaches big milestone.

Project Description

Thanks to NIKIN and the community, there are now 1 million new trees on our planet. Since its founding in 2016, the Swiss-based company has planted one tree for every product sold. And now, four and a half years later, it can proudly look back on a whole million trees – tree by tree.
Why does NIKIN actually plant trees? Because it is enormously important for nature! We already learn it in elementary school: Trees clean the air. They store carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is vital for us. They also act as drinking water reservoirs. But that’s not all: they are also an important element when it comes to preventing events such as avalanches, floods or landslides. In addition, trees increase biodiversity and are the habitat of many animal species. But people also depend on trees: They create jobs, provide food and are a popular place for recreation.
NIKIN is very proud to have had such an enormous impact on nature in this short time. However, this is just the beginning. The eco brand will continue – tree by tree – to participate in global reforestation efforts. After all, 46 % of the world’s forests have already been destroyed, every second an area of forest the size of a football field disappears. However, around 80 % of all living creatures that live on land depend on forests. And 1.6 billion people earn their living from trees.